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Tips to Consider when Looking after a Mandarin Goby Fish

Most homes have an aquarium, which beautifies the place. In case you have purchased a saltwater aquarium, you should buy a mandarin goby fish. This fish is very colorful, and it will make your house look good. The mandarin goby fish is a saltwater fish, whose body has a plethora of colors. The only way you can know the difference between the mandarin fish is that their colorful scales have varying patterns. The main place where the fish is located is the Pacific Ocean, but they can be bought from any fish shop. When you follow this interesting blog post, you will be guided on the best way to handle a mandarin goby fish.

The lifespan of the goby fish depends on how you handle the fish. The fish is timid, and you should have caves for them. They have a good temperament, which means that you can keep them with other types of fish. The fish does not move very fast, and they spend most of their time looking for food. However, do not put two male fish in the tank. The males usually fight against each other. As highlighted by this interesting blog post, the best way to put this fish is one male and a few females.

The fish usually eats worms, small snails and fish eggs. As noticed in this interesting blog post, the mandarin fish can eat for a whole day. In the ancient times, the fish used to eat copepods. However, the fish would starve an die because the copepods would later be extinguished. Another example of foods that can be consumed by the fish include brine shrimp and the frozen Mysis shrimp. Make sure you melt the food before giving it to the fish. This will ensure that the temperature of the tank is constant.

Ensure that the aquarium tank has twenty gallons of water. If you continue to read this interesting blog post you will realize that the best temperature for the fish is eighty-two degrees. Ensure that you check the temperature of the water daily. The water should be filtered every day to maintain its cleanliness. The tank should also be big so that the fish can have enough room to swim. Check out the quality of the water after a week.

Be careful when you are putting different types of fish along with the mandarin fish. It is not every type of fish that can live together with the mandarin fish. The best tank mates include clownfish, firefish, small damselfish, and coral beauties. When you follow everything mentioned on this interesting blog post, you will take care of your mandarin fish with ease.